How not to forget her birthday.


Okay! I’m a lady,and I can’t just imagine my man not remembering my birthday. Of course,we won’t break up,but I promise that will be the last time such will ever repeat itself.

You should not be too busy,that you won’t remember.
Women are like bouncing babies,we jump at every flashy things.
Little gifts make us,and little things you do can also break us.

Showing her love on her birthday is one of the best thing you can ever do to a woman. We’re just like that. That’s how we were created.
We cry a lot,get hurt so easily,get mad at little things.

This is who we are.

And so…..

Men were also created to love and cherish us. Hey there! we’re big babies,you just have to know that! We can’t change,don’t try to reset us,you would just waste your time. Yeah!

Okay now,the best way to remember her birthday is not to ever forget her birthday…

Thanks for reading my post….see you soon.

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