Can’t tell if he’s Mr Right?


We’ve all been through that dating experience… you meet the guy, everything is going perfectly and then bam! All of sudden you or he is not interested any more… and you’re not quite sure what went wrong.
It’s great if the party that loses interest is you, but if you’re the party that’s left behind you’re often left struggling to understand what went wrong.
So what happened?
When meet somebody and you feel strong chemistry, what’s happened is that this person has come into your life to show you a characteristic or belief inside you that is ready to change (be shifted).
The aspect that’s ready to be shifted can be in a number of different areas, from who you are to what you judge and resist, to what you’ve lost and compromised and even your expectations.
In the scenario where your beau suddenly loses interest, what’s happened is that he has gotten the awareness of the aspect to be shifted and he no longer feels an energetic pull towards you. As a result his interest has naturally waned.
This is a completely natural process for change in our lives and it’s how people grow and develop as they age, even when they don’t do active personal development work. Luckily, there is way for you take control of this process and make it work for you.
How does it work?
When you feel a strong energetic attraction to someone, you take the characteristics that most annoy or appeal to you in the person and compare it against a list of questions.
The results will help you to identify the mirrors you are working with.
The question set can be found in the infographic shown below or you can complete the free diagnostic online tool and have the results and suggestions for tackling each aspect emailed to you.
As you work through the questions, you’ll find that simply answering honestly will be enough to create a-ha moments of insight for you. When those moments happen, the need for the lesson and person to be in your life falls away – exactly as it did when the aspect was shifted naturally.
In cases where you know where the issue lies but the insight wasn’t enough to shift it, you are advised to work with a coach.
Healing your broken heart
The first really cool way to use this is to heal your broken heart after a breakup.
You can use characteristics in your partner that you judged or admired, points of contention within the relationship, and even things they accused you of; simply take each statement and run it through the question process.
I know it seems far-fetched at first, but as you chip away at it or find the big lesson, you’ll suddenly find that you feel better and you bounce back from your break up more quickly. You may even have a breakthrough moment, where the pain and heartache literally melts away in a second as you gain the insight.
The other great thing that will happen is that you’ll no longer have the same issues and challenges in your new relationships.
Change the kind of partner you attract
Because this process removes the chemistry that we feel towards a person, the second incredibly effective use for it is to clear aspects in yourself while you’re dating.
This will ensure that you don’t keep attracting the same kind of partner, with the same kind of issues, into your life. This is really handy for when you want to break out of a dating rut or finally track down Mr. Right.

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