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The visit of the Three wise men 

It was winter 

And I sat with my lighter

In the inner room

I had a boom

Was scared to take a look

Like I was hooked

I couldn’t move

But i became bold

And took a step

To take a look
Through the window

I peeped, seeing strangers

I took another bold step

And I rushed out

It was the three wise men
They came all the way

With all the hales

Through the skales to visit 

They brought goodnews

About the kingdom 

And to remind the world

About the coming of Christ

They told me to

Pass the message;



Is love for real? 

I’ve been heartbroken

I’ve been decieved

I use to bleed love

So many times

I’ve loved, but I’ve been hurt

The seeds of love stopped 

Growing in me a long time ago

There’s no open door for love

I’ve shut it all a long time ago

I tried to make it all work

You know i tried

You all know i tried 

To make it all work

But it always ends up

Bouncing back on me

My heart always broken 



And now you came back 

Saying you’re sorry?

We were best lovers in town

And then you ruined it

You left for no reason

And you’re saying

You’re sorry?

So many times

I’ve loved, but I’ve been hurt 

Sometimes I find it hard

To forgive myself for loving you 

And then you came back 

Saying you’re sorry?

You made our haters laugh

And you say you’re sorry?

Hell no!

You left me for my best friend 

Now you say

You still love me?

Honey, i don’t think you know What love means.


This cute white guy came by

Looking quite different 

From the rest

He told me same love story

The rest once told me

I gave him a chance

But never took him seriously

Months went by

I noticed he was really different 

From the rest of them

He’s the best guy I’ve ever met

It’s two years already 

And we’re still pushing it

Well, I think I’m at end 

Of the dating game

Just the other night after church

He got down on one kneel

And I said YES! 

Really, I never really

knew it was for real

It was like a dream

So I ask again

Is love for real? 

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Nigeria at 56: Begin this day with a change

I hear my people cry

I see my people suffer

I hear them say they’ve given up on our country

I see the children crying

I see people dying of hunger

I see corruption everywhere

Corruption has taking over

Corruption in high places.

Oh my country

Nigeria will be great again

These things shall pass

It may take time

But definitely, Nigeria will be great again

I pray this day begins with a change

A change that will turn things around for good

A change that will last forever

A change that will be forever remembered

Changing Nigeria begins with a prayer

And a change starts with you

Happy independence day my country


The white collar Men


Picture art by – Oluhyperclassical
Poem by – Presholives

All we do is work
waking up around
4am to avoid traffic taking a 30 secs bath
and forgetting to eat breakfast is our normal routine.

Paper works all the way
Pen and white sheets have become our friends
Our fingers never leaves the our Laptop keyboard
The internet has also become our best friend.

Parties,Clubbing are our old friends.
We hardly have time for those.
All we do is work work work!!!
but we love it anyways because the pay is worth it!