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Love in North pole- episode 2

It was a dark night and the moon gave no light,Tarma was all alone in the cave guarded by Princess Melina’s guard.
As Tarma slept, Tarma’s beautiful skin attracted the guard as he drew nearer to her, admiring her glowing skin. Tarma had a lovely figure and a beautiful face. The guard was excited with all what he could see. He had his way and had sex with Tarma as she slept unconsciously.
Tarma from her sleep felt a moving body on her,as she tried to open her eyes gradually she was shocked and screamed.

She was shocked to see the guard naked on her.

The guard held her mouth with his hands,she struggled with the guard but she started loosing strength. She became so weak and the guard had his way over again.

After months of searching and searching and Tarma could not be found. Hull went to princess Melina to allow her guards help with the search.
The princess told Hull,Tarma ran away with another Man and that Tarma was already pregnant.
Hull was shocked when he heard what princess Melina said. He told her that he wouldn’t believe unless he sees prove.
Unknown to Hull,Tarma was already 6 months pregnant. Tarma was pregnant for Princess Melina’s guard and it was all a planned work.
Tarma who was still in Princess Melina’s cave became unhealthy and looked very skinny. She was only given food once a day. She became very sick in a critical condition.

One hot afternoon, Princess Melina ordered her guards to clean up Tarma,give her a good bath. And also dress her up real good. As Tarma was being dressed up by Melina’s guards.
Tarma asked
“what’s your plan this time Melina, Ain’t you satisfied with all what you’ve done?”
“Not yet!”, Melina replied.
Tarma was so sick and weak as she couldn’t say much words. The princess then ordered that nice pictures of Tarma should be taken.
Melina sent pictures of Tarma’s to Hull.
Hull became very confused and depressed,and ran to the palace to see the princess because he wanted to know how Melina got to know about Tarma’s disappearance and also her pregnancy.
“She never loved you,she planned everything”.

Melina said.
“But how did you know?”

Hull asked
“I’m the princess, princesses know everything.”
she said smiling
Hull wept bitterly.
“Oh Hull! don’t cry lover boy.”
“I’m here for you Hull, I’m the only one who won’t break your heart, Tarma left your heart broken but I’m here to mend it up.”
Melina replied smiling,giving an innocent look…

To be continued in the next episode. Follow blog post not to miss out!

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