Christmas and my nation!


At last it was time to go home, it was an interesting carol service though.I sat at the back sit in the car. As we kicked off,I looked through the glass everywhere was dark,at some point it was total darkness. Guess it was power failure. I then closed my eyes and imagined how the streets of London will look like this period; The street lights,the Christmas trees,the sound of children playing in the snow,Christmas songs from every angle. Suddenly I then drilled out of my imagination and tried to compose myself. I then came back home.

Then I told myself these people aint better than us. Why do they always have a better say? My nation is great! It’s a pity only few of us know the benefits of what we have. Some of our leaders don’t even understand how to manage resources. We need to sit ourselves round a table and stop finger pointing at each other. Nigeria has a vision,this vision only needs to be made real . A nation can’t be moved by one person, the success of our nation starts with us.

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