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The Power of Positivity

Positivity is choosing to see the bright side of life. Sometimes life is wonderful, and other times things don’t always go the way we want. But being positive is believing in the power of encouragement, and having hope that things will get better.

Negative emotions narrows our focus and scope of work. Negativity shut our minds off to opportunities or new ideas.

Benefits of being more positive

1) You’ll improve your outlook of the future. Positive thinking can actually improve our overall happiness. Keeping active and happy, a happy soul can do exploit.

2) Better health

3) You’ll smile more. No more walking round the sitting room with a sad face, you’ll become cheerful.

4) Positivity reduces stress

5) you will become grateful and appreciate little things.

6) You will have better relationships with people. Positive and open people make a better first impression and usually have a lot of friends

7) More confidence.
you learn to love yourself and to be yourself, and it boosts your confidence.


New Beginnings

A New Year is like a new baby, many changes will be necessary, some rewarding, exciting and some will be interrupting and challenging.

All new beginnings comes with challenges yet exciting.

Just as it’s another glorious year, God has seasons for each of us to have new beginnings during our lives. We need all new beginnings for change, to rethink, re-strategise, build, learn and grow.
The scripture also says much about new beginnings, and seasons.

Genesis 8:22(NIV): ”As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

-After the flood, God set a rainbow in the sky to show that He’d given a new beginning.

– The establishment of Passover was a new beginning.

It’s not late to start that list you’ve written. You can achieve everything on that 2019 list. You just have to keep that fire and energy you had on the first day of the year.

“There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there’s so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.” — Zayn Malik

Keep pushing to achieve everything on your do-list this year and Make history.

Happy New Year and have a wonderful February everyone.


4 years of blogging | What I’ve Learned

I began this blog four years ago, on the 24th of December 2014

Can you believe it?

More accurately, I knew I wanted to be a successful blogger and maybe someday make a living from it. Honestly what pushed me into blogging was because I love to write. Four years ago, I’d write a poem or a short story or an article and send it to friends to read and most of them would be like “wow! Presh, I think you should own a blog”.
Well, At first I wasn’t sure about owning a blog, I was just used to the idea of writing for people on their pages but well, along the line I realised it’s actually better to own a blog and publish my articles.

As a young blogger in 2014, I really didn’t have much idea about blogging but having a large, engaged and loyal group of followers – that was my dream. And you know what? I’m getting there! Though I’ve been a little bit off and on here because of busy schedules but what matters is I keep going!

Today I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned from blogging this far.

1) Everyone’s got their own magic

You’ve got your own magic! Don’t compare and don’t copy. Just do you! just write it, do what you’re good at and aim for the top.
It’s so easy to get stucked into the competition surrounding blogging. Just be yourself

2) Be consistent

It can be really hard to maintain things sometimes but you’ve got to keep blogging and keep writing. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just create that time and do it. And never forget that people are watching. You’ve got your loyalty followers and readers. You can’t disappoint them.

3) Be Creative

Make your blog a place that shares useful information, meaningful content and unique posts. Don’t just do what everyone is doing. Do something outstanding. Besides, you also need to make it prestigious enough for others to want to contribute to it.

Over to you

These are some of the things I’ve learned over the years. What are your blogging lessons or secrets? Share in the comment section.😊

faith lifestyle

Be Thankful

As 2018 comes to an end and a new year soon begins, Let’s count our blessings.

Sometimes things don’t go the way we want it but when you look a little closer, you just might find that there are loads of things to be thankful for.

With that in mind, you would realise there’s so much to be thankful for:

– Be thankful for family and good friends

-Be thankful for the families you have

-Be thankful for a roof over your head.

-Be thankful for laughter

-Be thankful for a job

-Be thankful for the joy you have

-Be thankful for peace of mind

Be thankful for your partner

Be thankful for God’s grace upon your life

Be thankful for Life

Be thankful for everything

What are you thankful for?

You might as well want to share in the comment section. Will be happy to read everyone’s comments about what they are thankful for 😊


The Nigerian Girl Living In the UK

The United Kingdom which has an incredible mix of international cultures and contemporary thinking. As a Nigerian, I found an array of exciting experiences ahead of me and I had the opportunity to discover exotic places and meet new people. As the UK is a cosmopolitan city, I found out that some things were quite similar to the things I was used to doing in Nigeria but it took some time to adjust.

Living and studying in the UK is indeed expensive, I’m not even going to lie about that and you might face challenges. Getting to settle down and fit into a new society is not quite easy.

Before some Nigerians come into the UK, they worry most about the food and the weather, well the cold weather isn’t a big deal to be honest. As a Nigerian, I made sure I bought nice winter jackets and boots, to make sure I effectively layer up during winter.
Food Wasn’t also a problem for me because most supermarkets sell ingredients from Africa as well as food from many other parts of the world. The British are increasingly healthy eaters and there is a very wide range of organic produce available in shops and supermarkets. You can get almost anything in these shops. Garri,semovita…etc.

Money matters

Though, It comes at a high cost financially but living in the UK is rewarding in every other possible way. Renting a house is also very expensive. You get to pay £300 or more monthly for your rent in smaller towns. It depends on the type of apartment and where you live in, some cost up to £700 – £ 2,000.

Food also can be expensive, food prices are high in the UK. Everything is x2. I was shocked a first! But I got used to seeing high prices.

Also the jackets, boots and other winter clothings aren’t cheap. You need to keep warm so you need money for that as well.

Well, UK is enriched with knowledge in its academics, environment, cities and people.
It is for sure you come into the uk and become transformed in a positive way. You improve socially and mentally. UK is expensive but worth it.

Life outside the campus wall

Whether you just listen or take part, you’ll find pop, rock, electro, hip-hop, classical, folk, jazz, opera and all sorts of world music in the UK. From independent cafes, bars to international scale concert halls or rock festivals you can listen and dance to live music all over the UK. There are so many fun places to hang out and if you’re an indoor person, well, you can also chill out on your bed at home.

What I found difficult.

Initially, I tried to balance up, it wasn’t easy to understand a lot of things because I wasn’t used to doing them in Nigeria. I had to adapt, learn and tried to understand their way of life in the UK to some extent in order to balance up. I could remember after my first lecture I met a British-Nigerian lady who helped me settle down. We became friends afterwards. After my first lecture, she took me to the mall and she showed me a lot of shops and supermarkets like Tesco, H&M, Bodycare, Boots etc. She also told me how I could get things at cheaper prices during sales. I met a lot of nice people afterwards, they all helped me settle down well.

And my accent?

Well, UK is a diversified nation. You get to meet people from different countries and you need to talk slowly or twist your tongue a little for some to understand you. You can’t really speak like you’re talking to a Nigerian, I had to improve my accent to sound clearer to people not from my society. And the British accent? However, with time you get used to it and for all I know I might be speaking like them too! Lol!!