8 ways to stay busy at home

In many countries, people have been told to stay at home. Being home alone can be so boring, and even if you’re with your family, it can be boring when you’re stuck at home.

Reducing boredom requires that individuals look for an alternative, different from their meaningful usual activities.

Here are 8 ways you can keep yourself busy at home;

1) Read a book: Reading books, strengthens your writing abilities and enhances your imagination and creativity.

2) Do online professional courses:
These online programs are designed to help you develop professionally and progress in your career, very flexible and from the comfort of your home.

3) Start a blog: Starting a blog is simple. No technical experience required! It is one of the best ways to put your thoughts and writings out there by expressing yourself.

4) Bake: you can bake that cake you’ve been dreaming about.

5) Start a YouTube channel: who knows, you might be the next youtuber, people will learn exciting things from.

6) Clear out your closet: Clear out the old clothes to create a space for your new clothes.

7) Fix stuffs: Fix that leakage, fix the broken shelf, fix that bulb, Fix everything broken in the house.

8) Check in with loved ones:
Everyone is still trying to get used to this way of living. Check in regularly with your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. You can do this through video chat, calls and texts.

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