How I Started Writing – Presh Olives

I’ve decided to share my writing journey. I hope this inspires someone.

Many years ago, I sat in the classroom writing a love story. I had a little notebook. In my little notebook, I wrote my beautiful story. I had just started my junior secondary school. I sat on the chair by the window side. There, I imagined how beautiful it was to finally fall in love, get married and have beautiful kids. During lunch break in school, I’ll sit and try to write at least a page. As a kid, I was incredibly observant. I also was very quiet, but aware of my surroundings. This helped me to focus and write well.

I remember then, a classmate found this little note book of mine, read it and she became intrested in it. During lunch break she’d walk up to me and say “Precious, have you written another page”? She wanted to read the story till the end.

I was quite amazed that she found whatever I was writing interesting.
Little did she know that her act, was an encouragement for me.

I continued writing, but mostly about nature and love. I was a young girl, I had no experience about love but I knew it was a beautiful thing. How did I know this? Of course, I watched love movies!

In final class in secondary school, I won the top prize for the Nigeria’s independence day essay competition in the school. I remember being called out on the assembly ground and announced the winner. This was a huge motivation for me.
After then, I realised I’ve developed a passion for writing. I started writing articles on politics and lifestyle and pushing towards getting them published on the national newspapers. At this time I was in my third year of studies towards a Bachelor’s in Microbiology.

I also channelled my writing to poems. I’d say poem writing is quite easy, but making the my poems rhyme can be quite tricky.
Later on, I decided to start a blog, I wanted to put my writing out there, inspire someone, share my experiences and continue doing what I love. Yes, I love writing!
This was what actually drove me to start my blog in 2014. Luckily, I got my articles published on national newspapers before graduation from the University (Bachelor’s). During NYSC, I worked for a national newspaper for a while and I continued writing and blogging.

Summing Up

The blogging journey has been amazing. I’ve grown as a writer.
Writing can be challenging, but here’s the fun part- writing helps you share your experiences without stressing you out, helping you eliminate stress. In addition, you educate others by writing freely from the comfort of your home or work. Writing also increases your creativity, thereby helping you learn more from others and gaining exposure.

For those who have started writing, but not sure if they want to continue. DON’T GIVE UP. YOUR WRITING MIGHT INSPIRE SOMEONE AND CHANGE LIVES. KEEP WRITING!

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This is impressive! Your story is inspiring, you seem to be a hard worker. All the best! 🙂


Thanks for sharing your journey on the road to writing. Passion is indeed a major stimulus to become an impactful writer.

Interesting read this. ?

Eromonsele Emmanuel

Mine is a funny tale. I never really liked the idea of writing but as a kid, I drew a lot of comics and text was unavoidable. I kept doing this until I got to senior secondary school before i dropped making of comics. At uni, I didn’t write at all but I remember I used to give some of the finest reports in class. My description and recollection of events was somewhat outstanding. After uni, I started a blog with a friend’s advice and almost two years later I’ve tried to be consistent as possible. Writing is fun, it… Read more »


Writing is a gift I noticed I had in SS1 & I’ve nurtured it ever since.

How did you get your articles published in newspapers? I’d love to know.

The Strong Traveller

You are truly a hard worker and a very dedicated writer Presh. It was lovely to read your journey. Books are truly a very big inspiration for all the well known writers. I believe you will surely be a renowned person someday too.

Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day

Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. ?


Your writing catalogue is so impressive. I’m glad you kept writing more posts on your blog

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