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Sitting on the couch, watching a break up scene from a movie, a lot went through my mind,and I asked these questions: why do people break up? Why don’t relationship last? Why do couples have difficulties in making things work out?… I thought,I began to find answers to my many questions,I began to see the reasons behind everything.

 ~~ I realised that People don’t just break up,there’s always a reason for everything on earth. I also realised that,nothing on planet earth can be made perfect and only the creator is perfect. So this also implies that, we can never get a perfect someone,so why not sit down and work things out between that person and stop complaining. Make things work!

~~ First you need to sit down and think matured thoughts,we should try to blow cold whenever the other person blows hot. Blowing hot at the same time wouldn’t solve the argument.
Understand that your lover is not perfect,we grow and learn everyday. Correct when you need to correct and also listen to corrections from the other person and not act as if you’re the boss. Playing the game of I’m the boss will never make things work. Respect yourself first before asking to be respected.  Most times,we ruin our relationships ourselves. Understanding one another matters a lot. Love is the bedrock of every relationship,love signifies oneness. Love is very essential here!

~~ Trying something new also does the trick. Sometimes same old regular routine creates a dull atmosphere why not bring up new ideas to keep the fire burning! Make everyday a special one for your special someone and always try to treat them right,and never make them regret giving you their heart!

– By Presh Olives

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