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Make me laugh, and I’ll marry you


Most ladies love funny guys…on most ladies top search list for prince charming… Funny is most times number ‘3’. Dating a funny guy just cools of one’s brain, makes one think less about the struggles of life and more.   – Presholives


Unfortunately, finding Mr. Funny Man is supremely difficult. What’s up with that, boys? Why aren’t you funny? Brattiness requires minimal brain effort and is never impressive. Although it’s fair to note that dating an actual comedian type could be a nightmare. They’re usually full of self-loathing, insecurity, and booze. But you know what? I don’t care. I’ll take my funny guy with a side of messed up. All of the people worth knowing and dating are crazy anyway.

This is sort of unrelated, but you know what I think is hilarious? When I’m hanging out with someone who has no sense of humor and I make my tenth joke of the evening when, all of a sudden, they look at me like a lightbulb just went off in their head and say, “Oh my goddddd, you’re like really funny! Wow….” Um, duh. Where the hell have you been during this hang out session? It’s all I have! If you weren’t aware of my sense of humor, what were you noticing? Don’t answer that actually. Funny people are sensitive. 

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