Wrong marriage -2


I knew why he is asking me, a bride always has her inhibitions towards the new family and the husband but at the same time she is cheerful and excited about the husband, the night and even the honeymoon but I showed no signs of happiness.

Before I answer he said “the honey moon to Switzerland is for 15 days and its after 15 days, till that time if you have any problem plz share with me as I don’t want to spoil my trip” saying this he left the room and that night I couldn’t sleep.

For 15 days Harsh (my husband) didn’t try coming near me and use to treat me just like a friend. We went out, we shared our college stories, and we shopped and watched movies. The more I know him the more I liked him and the more I cursed myself for loving some idiot and losing my asset my virginity on him. He shared likes and dislikes about his family so that I can easily adjust with them, he is a Doctor by profession so humanity is natural but being humble and down earth was his foundation.

The day came, he helped me packing my stuff and while he was packing his own stuff, suddenly the pack of contraceptives dropped on the floor, I picked it up and handed over to him and while taking it back he asked me “are you ready”

I forced my jaw, my lips to smile back to him but couldn’t and he said “why you are so petrified, come on you are 27 and this is a natural thing, I will help you out”

he was so confident that at once I asked him “have you done it before”

With a wicked smile he said  “I have never loved anyone in my life and I don’t believe in paid sex, I have read about it and watched videos”

one thing was sure about harsh he never lied so now he being virgin actually gave me a guilty feeling and I was sinking in my own guilt.


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