This is for you…….


I wake up with a beautiful smile each day,because I have this precious gift given to me by God himself

And at night,I dream about us,with lovely kids,who have your lovely pointed nose and a pure smile

You were sent to put me through in many rough aspects of my life,to support,help and teach me the hidden ways of life

You’re every thing I ever wished for,a handsome young man with a matured mind, a gentle free minded person who also has a good heart.

The part I like best,is when you say,you want me to carry our baby and that you can’t wait to have me to yourself

And I’ll say,the time will come and pass and promises shall be fulfilled

He loves me,and I do too

Oh! He doesn’t like long poems,I should stop here

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    Edache Daniel
    5th June 2015 at 7:56 am

    Hmmm…I love it,when i see people,who are willing to love truely;Those wonderful fellows,who will keep to promises against all odds.Sure,we all need somebody,some kissing and hugging.For you,Presh,I wish the happiness,your dream become a reality.
    Many thanks for following my blog!

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