Why ladies date older guys


Uhm! Okay here are some reasons why ladies date older guys.
Alright! Let’s roll.

1. Are More Intellectual

The older man is intellectual. He is smart. He is filled with knowledge and can keep your mind intrigued for hours on end.

2. Act Like Gentlemen

Most young men still haven’t learned how to act like a gentlemen. Yes, they MAY open the door for you, but would they ever dream of opening the CAR door for you as well? Drop their jacket over a puddle so you don’t get your shoes wet? Treat you like the beautiful queen you are? Probably not. Older men have learned the tricks of the trade and don’t just act like gentlemen because they have to, but because they want to!

3. Respect Her

An older man respects women. He isn’t in a constant search for his next lady of the night to brag about to his friends the next morning. He doesn’t mind kissing your hand in public. He doesn’t call you names or treat you like another one of the guys. He respects you to the fullest!

4. Ready for a Relationship

Here’s a big one, and ladies you know EXACTLY what I am talking about here. Young men are almost always not ready for a REAL relationship. They might want to mess around for a month or two, but anything longterm sends them running for the hills. The older man wants a real, solid relationship that can possibly last a lifetime. They’re looking for their soulmate, not their next fling.

5. He Will Pay


I’m not saying that if a woman is with an older man she is automatically a gold digger, but let’s just be honest: if he’s older, he’s probably established and has financial stability, so he’s not going to ask you to split the check.


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