Why women don’t talk sports!


Women hate watching sports. Baseball? Football? Basketball? Soccer? Nah, all the way around. Seriously, have you ever met a woman that enjoyed watching sports? No. Are you one? Certainly not!
Are you a guy who, while hanging out with your guys, has seen a woman watching sports and thought, “She looks like she’s into sports, but she probably really isn’t”?


There’s evidence here! Look at all these not-at-all-staged pictures of miserable women watching sports. Would they be so unhappy if these cool bros were talking to them about storylines like the ones in their soaps? No way!

But the truth is,some actually do love sports!

Further, other research has shown that women make up an increasing segment of sports fans, husbands or not. A 2011 survey found that 42% of the NFL’s fan base are women. Almost half of major league soccer fans are female, 46% of Major League Baseball fans are women, and 37% of NBA fans are ladies.


Well I think the reason behind the reason why women don’t actually talk sports,is because they naturally don’t just like it! Nothing can change that fact. Sorry guys!

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