What do normal couples talk about and do on the phone.


My newly-landed-in-my-heart man and I spend hours (non-exaggeration) on the phone talking about anything and everything the world has to offer.
Oneday I asked him, “I think we need to talk and do what normal couples talk about and do on the phone” yet was baffled by the statement I made and asked “but what do normal couples talk about?”
We laughed at first because it is so hard to imagine that a couple can just spend time on the phone talking about themselves, and what about themselves?

We tried exploring, but even then did we end up talking about topics of the world, covering relationships, life in general and so much more laughter.
Only towards the end of the call did we think about expressing ourselves towards each other. It is rather sad that we only have like 20 – 30 minutes to express us in our relationship, but then it assures me that we are aware of the world around us and we want to discuss our opinions around it, therefore smashing down boredom between us.
Nevertheless, it makes sense that prior to our relationship, we were friends for three years, and we still discussed the world and everything around us, even the random content. And now, why should things change when we can still keep the level of friendship going.
It also makes sense that when we are together, we can do normal things done by a couple, and still get to talk about random topics.
We are normal right?

source: Women24

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