Your 20s begin only when you start acting like a grown up,start thinking like an adult,and still act really cool. It only begins when you become your own person.

And so these are somethings a lady should know,do,act………well!

(1) VALUE YOURSELF : Alright! If you don’t start by valuing YOU,whose gonna follow? NO ONE! you need to realise that you are a special being and you deserve everything good. Know your worth,don’t let anyone make you feel you not up to standard.

(2) RECOGNIZE YOUR BEAUTY: Hey dear! Every lady is beautiful,it only takes the right guy to see it.(winks)
You need to recognize this beauty. Don’t let anyone recognize it before you do. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.

(3) HAVE AN IDEA OF WHO YOU WANT TO BE: What do you want the world to know you for?
What is your goal in life?
What do you want to accomplish before 30? What’s your plan for the future?
I suggest you get a note,and write down what you want to achieve,and at what age you want to achieve these things.

(4) LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE: Most times,the Inner voice is always right,your inner voice speaks out when you’re confused,and helpless. It fits perfectly into the lonely zone and gives you direction.

(5) LEARN HOW TO KILL A BUG: It’s really annoying most times,whenever I see a lady running like a superstar all because she has seen a bug. Common girl,GROW UP! pick a mop stick or something and hit that bug,try using a book or anything. Just kill the bug and stop crying. Please!

(6) THE DESIRE AND DISCIPLINE TO COOK: Every lady must know how to cook. That’s what makes you a real lady. Your husband will be yours forever when your soup tastes just perfect. You just have to discipline yourself on how to cook fast to beat time. And you definitely don’t have a choice especially if you’re an AFRICAN lady.

(7) LEARN TO MOVE ON: As we go through life,we realise that a lot of people we trusted totally,showed their bad sides surprisingly. Now! You realise that some people were not meant to stay,but to only make you a better woman. Shit happens,we all need to learn to move on,because greater obstacles stands in our way. We need to be strong to keep pressing on.

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