13 Things to Give Up If You Want to Succeed


1. Trying to do it alone.
Even if you can pull it off, it’s twice as much work and half as much fun when you do it alone.

2. Making empty promises.
Make your promises rare and 100 percent reliable.

3. Fixating on your weaknesses.
We all have our weak points. Work on them, but focus on your strengths.

4. Blaming others.
It’s cowardly and it costs you respect.

5. Overlooking your negative thoughts.
You may believe that you are responsible for what you do but not for what you think. The truth is those things can’t be separated.

6. Living in the past.
Your future starts now.

7. Trying to please everyone.
The surest path to failure is trying to please everyone. Work to please only yourself and those who are important to you.

8. Small goals.
Small goals yield small results; big goals, big (and sometimes huge) results.

9. Holding on to grudges.
They’re a waste of time and a thief of contentment and happiness.

10. Avoiding change.
Change will happen with your permission or not. Manage it when you can and always make the best of it.

11. Trying to never make a mistake.
Avoiding risk and never daring is the biggest mistake you can make.

12. Saying “I can’t.”
Don’t give up just because things are hard, and don’t talk to yourself in negative terms.

13. Minimizing yourself.
Being a shrinking violet doesn’t help you, it doesn’t put anyone else at ease, and it’s a bore.

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