It’s a New Year and everyone seems to be expecting the best this year. Last year was not so good for many, mostly because a lot of things did not go right. For most of the people in power however, last year must have been such a good year for them, for obvious reasons. 

We hope for a better Nigeria: for example, a Nigeria with no power failure. Right now, many people can hardly boast of two days, that’s TWO DAYS of constant electricity. Also, our economy gets worsened as the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months. Our nation is suffering. We need a new NIGERIA starting from now, starting from today.

They say it’s a New Year; they talk of new beginnings, new revolutions and the likes. Looking back through the years, when have we successfully boasted of a turn around? In whose leadership has Nigeria and Nigerians truly thrived. Some say things have gone from bad to worse, this may be true.

Therefore, the importance of the year 2015 cannot be overstated, especially for Nigeria and Nigerians. In 2015, the general elections will come rolling by and while some may argue that the survival of the country hinges a great deal on the outcome of these elections, I feel confident that no matter what happens, The entity called Nigeria will survive.

There’s a reason and an essence for an election and that essence is for the citizens to have their say, to determine who leads them, who should lead them. There are good reasons to feel skeptical because past elections have proved that it is difficult to have free and fair polls in these parts: We have heard cases of ballot box snatching, explosion of voter numbers, intimidation of voters and other such ridiculousness.

However, there is a new reason to feel hopeful, to believe that there may be slight differences and general improvements this time around: elections have been conducted in a few states this year and the general consensus is that if such conducts are replicated in the general elections next year, there will be no complaints from anybody.

The issue of who to vote for stirs up lots of angst and emotion among Nigerians, you only need to read comments on Facebook to see how people char each other with all kinds of vitriolic abuses because they support different candidates. APC supporters and PDP supporters go at each other like twin babies fighting for a single piece of pie. Truth is, as it stands Nigeria is divided among lines bordering ethnicity and religion but should we vote for an aspirant based on the kind of God he worships? Should we vote for an aspirant based on the part of Nigeria that aspirant was born in? Or should we have an issue based election, should we shove aside our plethora of sentimentalities and vote based on credibility? Based on track records? Based on set standards?

On a final note, it is important that we as individuals realize that we have become too big to be used by idiotic politicians. Do not allow yourself to be used as an electoral thug and dumped by the way side months after the election is over, like waste banana peels thrown outside speeding cars in an expressway. Ask yourself this simple question, will this politician that has told you to go to a polling unit and intimidate voters or steal ballot boxes or shoot at an opponent ask his child to do same? Do not be used as a weapon of violence.

Happy New Year! In 2015, I pray you get everything you wish and I hope you would be careful what you wish for  .

Bomi et presh

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