This is my small compilation of small business ideas one can start with little money or no money here in Nigeria. I believe you can get to any height in life if you’re focused and determined.

I have compiled this list for those who are looking for a means of livelihood or better yet are working but are looking for an alternative source of income. All the best as you pursue your small business.
1. Script writing
2. Blogging
3. Proposal writing
4. Internet marketing
5. Web publishing
6. Hairstylist
7. Baking confectioneries
8. Songwriter
9. Home tutoring
10. Freelance marketing
11. Freelance writing
12. E-books publishing
13. Affiliate marketing
14. Crafts business
15. Bead making
16. Weight loss classes
17. Exercise Instructor
18. Food delivery service
19. Business plan writer
20. Business broker
21. Aerobics Classes
22. Carpet Cleaning and car washing
23. Corporate Cleaning Services
24. Computer instructor
25. Dance Instructor
26. Fashion Designer
27. Web designer
28. Computer programmer
29. Computer Repairs
30. Mobile Phone Repairs
31. Charging of car and phone batteries
32. Time management consultant
33. Cooking service
34. Cosmetic sales
35. Greeting cards designer
36. Directory Publisher
37. Editor
38. Catering services
39. Employment Agency
40. Event Management
41. Event Planner
42. Fruit Selling e.g Apple, Pineapple etc
43. Export Agent
44. CV/Resume Writing service
45. Facialist
46. Hair Stylist
47. Beautician
48. Make-up Artistry
49. Freelance photographer
50.  YouTube videos

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