God has created you to be the best,the head and not tail.


   Have you ever asked your self questions like; who am I ? where am I heading to? Am I where God has placed me? Have I missed it? What is my purpose in life? what has God said concerning me? Am I who God says I am?

These questions should be asked,so we can check,test and examine ourselves properly. The devil is interested in every one. He dosent want anyone to make it in life. We have to play the smart one here and win the battle also. Sure! Its not easy to defeat satan but God has given us victory over the devil,its left for us to update the power God has given unto us.

Many of us have refused to claim what we truly are! We forget most times that we are conquerors,winners and overcomers. We were born to be the best,achieve the best, and remain the best forever. God has given us the power to rule! Yea! He has made us kings and queens over all things!

Therefore, all we need now is to stop acting like the defeated one,and start acting like who God has created us to be. And we should also remember that we need God in all aspect of life,never leave God out of your life,only him can make you achieve these things….remember! You can’t do anything on your own! He designed your life, only him can build your life perfectly to the end!

God bless!

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