When You Said We Were “Just Friends” I Don’t Know Who You Were Trying to Fool


Sometimes the hardest thing you’ll ever do, is walk away from that person you love

“Beware of the word friend. It can often be used by men and women that love them to excuse the most unfriendly behavior. Personally when I’m picking friends, I like the ones who don’t make me cry myself to sleep.” -He’s Just Not That Into You .

Often times when relationships end, whatever the relationship might be, you agree to be friends. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes the concept of just friends, is utterly heartbreaking, when you know where you’ve been in the past

When it’s one of those relationships that aren’t actually defined as one, suddenly you don’t even know where lines are drawn. One person says and does one thing, erases them and redraws it, throwing us all for a f*cking loop. And the common theme is “i don’t even know…”

Because one second you’re hooking up and holding hands, laughing and smiling. The next minute you get a cFriends thrown your way, as they begin to tell you, you’re just friends and they met someone.

And you’re suddenly perplexed, because yeah you aren’t dating and aren’t a couple, but all those feelings are the same. And you try to put on a brave face, because you want them happy, even if that means you aren’t apart of it.

So you listen to them talk and you maintain this “friendship”, but all these feelings are continuing to build up, behind the scenes. Repressed love can be a bitch sometimes. And you’re trying to be selfless. But any real friend would never ask such a thing of you.

But what you don’t realize is, while you’re being a good friend and your strength is being tested, any true friend who actually cares about you wouldn’t put you through that sort of thing. But a lot of people like the attention. They like knowing someone loves them, and they have a safety net, if ever that other relationship goes wrong. We all want to be loved, but not everyone wants to love back.

But those relationships that kind of sort of end, and the person keep you close by, that’s not fair to you. You don’t deserve that.

I know what it feels like to think you’ve lost your best friend. I know how lonely you might feel, not talking to someone who you thought got it. That person in your heart you thought was your soulmate. And you don’t think you’ll ever love someone that deeply or as much. And there’s a possibly you might not. When it’s your first kind of love, you invest everything into these people and hold nothing back. Power to you for that.

But love isn’t meant to be a one sided thing. When the love is equal and the relationship is mutual, for everything you give, it’s multiplied back to you. You only have to go half way, because the other person will meet you there.

Real love doesn’t require you to give more than you are getting. Real love isn’t that empty almost feeling, as you part ways. Real love isn’t crying yourself to sleep because that person is making you an option, when all you’ve ever done is make them a priority. Real love doesn’t leave you high and dry and come back out of nowhere, knocking on a door, that you’ll always keep open, as they enter as they please.

Real love doesn’t ask to be your friend, when they know your whole heart is in it. Real love, loves you back because they realize your worth.

Sometimes the hardest thing you’ll ever do, is walk away from that person you love, not because you don’t love them anymore, but rather you value yourself, to know you deserve more than some half hearted loved.

I couldn’t just be your friend, because I deserved so much more than that. And you never actually were a friend who deserved me.

“The truth is, I’m scared to be your friend, because I’m always going to want more. But then I got to thinking that I would rather have you in my life as a friend than not at all… You know that’s a lie too.” -Just Friends


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