How hard is it?


How hard is it
Like whispers escaping through a vally
How hard is it if your religion is tested?
Your fate; tests your faith
Is it like a mixture of disbelieve or hate?

How hard is it if your relationship is only a charade
How hard is it if money becomes the only true value you live for
How hard is it if children can’t understand what it means to live equal

This isn’t like a Jazz song with some nice little mellow tip tune
How hard is it if you can’t define what you live for
Fight, defend and let your will depend

Or would it be another perception of monstrousness?
It is only from this point where you stand between hope and indecision, fear and might
Nidificate your bearings

Choose a will, a path that doesn’t have to be great
Because the dwellings of greatness and the fatness reel on your decision to be you!
Tell me now, how really hard is it?

Godwin Prince

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