What you should know about Mrs right


Do you want to spend your life reassuring a woman, or would you rather have a woman who looks at the cup half-full and needs little reassurance about the happiness in her life? Negative and sarcastic people may be funny or semi-grounding at first, but they will take their toll on your happiness in the end. Ensure your woman is willing to see the positive side of things on her own. This doesn’t mean that you won’t need to support her in times of trouble, but it does mean that she won’t spend her life focused on the bad and negative, and bring you down with her.

In the end,  the chances of you having a successful, happy relationship are much higher when you understand your woman. The point is that ‘misses right’ is a woman who is going to make you happy for years to come, and if she doesn’t make you happy right now, then she probably won’t make you happy in the future.

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