How to promote workout progress



Set Weight Loss Goals

Put up a calendar that tracks your progress and has a goal that you are aiming to reach by a certain date. When we do things without an end goal, it’s much harder to find motivation. Make it a realistic goal so you don’t get discouraged.

Find A Workout Buddy

Find someone who has a lot of energy and won’t flake out on you, preferably someone who is already fit and will motivate you to push yourself. Set plans to have workout dates and make it fun by getting a juice before or after. When you enjoy your workout, you will do it. Hey maybe invite your crush to workout with you, then you’ll really be motivated not to slack off!


Find People You Look Up To

Follow the current of the fitness masters that have paved the way for you. When you feel stuck, look at their YouTube, Facebook or Instagram for inspiration. It’s cool to realize they are humans just like us to struggle to manage their time, overcome mental blocks and make healthy food choices. You can also learn a lot about your body in the process because they love to share their diets and special tips.

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