How to make your mother-in-law fall in love with you


Some mothers-in-laws are sweet but not all.
Are you married? About to marry? Are you terrified at the mere mention of the name ‘mother-in-law’? Do you feel a few drops of hot urine stream down your panties when you hear your mother-in-law knocking at the door? Well, I grew up in west Africa,in southern Nigeria and I know that some mothers-in-law ain’t really nice (but that is not to say that all daughters-in-law are angels). So, how do you become best of friends with the mother of your husband and lover? Read more below

1. Never See Your Mother-In-Law As your enemy:

Actions start from thoughts and you nursing such dangerous ideas will only lead you astray. See her as who she is: your mother-in-law and the mother of your husband, and hopefully, your newest female friend. She is NOT your rival. Some ladies enter marriage with a nuclear arsenal and the mindset of ‘demolishing’ their ‘enemy’. Don’t create problems for yourself. As a woman thinketh in her heart, so she is.

2. Let Her Know You Love Him:

Yes, forget the superficial
jealousy, a mother-in-law will love you to pieces when she knows that her son is in safe hands. But, that has to be done with maturity. Every mother wants a good wife for her son but their maternal instincts makes it difficult for them to just let go. Blame the hormones. Prove to her (by your actions) that you are caring enough and you will over-ride her instincts


3. Don’t make the mistake

Of what? Of pointing out a mistake, flaw or error of your mother-in-law in front of your hubby. You are his wife and as a lady, there are much more subtle and cunny ways to draw his attention. Do not criticize your mother-in-law. Ridicule her, you ridicule your lover, and of course, the granny of your kids.

4. Stay cool!

Most of the time, mothers-in-law do not have any evil behind even the most mischievous of their actions. They are only a bit insecure thinking that no person is good enough for their child, or a woman has come to spoil the existing mother-son relationship. Such a reaction is perfectly normal and natural. Do not give yourself sleepless nights over that. Studies have show that most of the time, they mean no harm.

5. Look for the good she does and praise it.

Always do this in her presence and be genuine. Praising the behavior you want from another person is an often successful technique for ensuring that the desired behavior is repeated. Ignore the undermining behavior completely; just focus on what her good points are.
Thank her for raising such a wonderful spouse!
Flatter her by passing on a compliment about her that someone else you know made about her (for example, “Your mother-in-law is amazing!”)

6. Pray!

Prayer can do all things,never forget that.
Draw close to God and commit her into God’s hands. Shikena!

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