The night was filled with shouts and cries from McGriffin hostel. The jock boys were at it again,they were always the ones disturbing the peace of the hostel. Craig opened the door of his room to see other boys rushing past, they were going to see the jock boys pound one another to a pulp.

The jock boys provided entertainment for the McGriffin hostel with their nightly fights and quarrels. “What’s going on this time with those jocks?”,asked Max, Craig’s roommate. The noise generated from the fight happening in one of the rooms below had disrupted them from their video game. Seating next to Max was Lance who seemed in a hurry to get back to playing the game. Laying on one of the beds in the room was the fourth and last roommate, Ryan. He was reading a book and he seemed unperturbed by the noise. He was used to them, the jerks who always felt as if they owned the school. They disturbed the hostel with their loud and stupid music, quarreled every now and then but nobody ever disturbed or confronted them.

The hall keepers never bothered to check in on them as one of them had ended up in the hospital with a broken nose three weeks earlier. A fight had ensued between two of the jock boys and the hall keeper earned himself a broken nose, two fractured ribs and a battered face for trying to separate both boys. Of course, both boys were expelled from the school but no other hall keeper wanted to be a martyr. Everyone just seemed to mind his business whenever the jock boys were around.

Just the other day, a quarrel had broken out  between some second year students and some jock boys. The jock boys were severely beaten by these second year students but later those students were found bloody and beaten to a pulp. The beaten boys refused to disclose the people responsible for the beating but everyone knew it was the jock boys but they kept mute.
The shouts and cries at the hostel intensified as many onlookers gathered to see the jock boys batter each other’s faces. The occupants of Room 42 however remained in their room. Max and Lance resumed their video game but their minds weren’t in the game anymore ,they wanted to go and see the fight down below.It looked like people were gathering but no one bothered to separate them.”Who could blame them anyways?”,thought Lance to himself. Craig suddenly stood up from his bed saying “I have to see this fight,the noise is deafening”. Having said that,he walked to the door, opened it and walked out. Max and Lance soon followed suit,dropping their game pads on the floor. They all left the room except for Ryan who seemed preoccupied with his novel in hand.

The crowd surrounding the fighters egged and cheered them on. The jock boys who were involved in the fight kept battering and ramming into each other. The first jock held his opponent in a tight neck grip and pummelled the living daylight out of his face. The second jock suddenly found the first jock’s foot and twisted it hard. A sharp cry of pain tore through the night air as the first jock went down in a heap. He hurriedly let go of the second jock who instantly landed a swift kick on the face of the first. Blood erupted out of the face of the first jock as the second jock added two more kicks to his abdomen. The crowd was now chanting for the first jock to get up and continue the fight as the second jock continued to throw blows and land kicks. The first jock suddenly rushed and grabbed the second jock by the torso,lifted him up in the air and with a loud cry,threw him on the floor. Loud cheers and whoops emanated from the crowd as they celebrated with the first jock. Max and Lance were shouting and screaming themselves hoarse. Craig stood at a corner, watching the whole fight. He wondered what people enjoyed in watching these fights. The guys fighting could get themselves killed but yet people enjoyed it.

He soon felt that he had seen enough and decided to head back to his room. Max and Lance would return when they have had their fill. He got to his room, opened the door and was greeted with a cold, dark silence. The lights in the room were off. They had all left Ryan in the room with the lights on. Maybe, Ryan had decided to go to bed after all and had put off the lights. He had better turn them on. His fingers groped along the wall, looking for the light switch. “Ryan,Ryan”,he called out but Ryan didn’t answer. Alas, he found the light switch and turned it on. What he saw, he wasn’t prepared for. Ryan laid on his bed,his throat slashed and his face stabbed multiple times.

The book he was reading laid on top of his chest soaked in his blood.A part of his cheek had been cut off and his nose bashed in. Blood dripped from the bed and pooled all over the floor.

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