I got over him


He was my true love for sure
But he said he was tired
He said he wanted another life
That I was holding him down
A lot drew sketched in my head
Tingling and swirling
But there was nothing to be done
I cried,but nothing changed.
Now wait! Why cry over a banana when there’s a bunch out there?
I told myself,
I’m too beautiful for this mess
My life has just started
I’m a strong and courageous woman
I’m going to live my life fully again
He’s gone,yea! He told me he wanted to leave. I cried,I was heart broken.
I started from were I stopped
I can do greater things without him,I began to mould myself again.
And now,I’m stronger than ever.
He’s in my past now,I’ve moved on and old things have passed away.
I’m happy,to tell you this;
I got over him

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