Here I found myself


Here I found myself
In a world full of laughter
In a world of gathers with pits of sorrow to narrow ditches.
A world of harmonic pain with gain
From all angles with samples.
A world where you and I labour each day seeking for favour.
A world of both men and women
A world of little girls and boys
A world of competition with no definition,where the rich oppress the poor.
A world where life is meaningless to some to manipulate,regardless of others weaknesses.
A world where darkness has taken over and most are led astray.
A world where no one believes Christ cometh soon,and most do away with the master’s word.
A world where it’s firm edges has been loosened and the foundation of righteousness shaken.
A world full of darkness
An evil world,where the good dies,and the wicked live longer.
A world that has put some to the path of destruction.
A world where the master is no longer recognized.
In a world full of danger,a world where only the true believers prevail. In this world,I found myself.

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