11 signs that proves,you’re his side chick.

It’s normal to start thinking about so many things,if your man keeps acting strange,while you remain faithful.

Signs which proves you’re not his main chick:

«« He acts as if he doesn’t care

«« No act of true love: when you can’t recall the last time he made you feel so special. He always says he’s busy. It’s always excuses upon excuses. It’s like you don’t even exist anymore!


«« He takes you for granted.He never takes what you tell him seriously.

«« All he wants is sex,and nothing more

«« He cares less about what’s going on in your life: he believes you should solve your problems yourself.


«« He hardly calls your phone,you call him more than he calls you


«« He forgets your birthday,or special events.

«« He never allows you check his phone.


«« You know little or nothing about his life because he doesn’t even let you know about anything. He probably makes decisions,without letting you know.


«« He hardly talks about the future with you,and if you do,he tries to change the topic or gets angry.

«« He doesn’t care if you hang out with other guys,even for a whole night and he never shows a jealous tricky sign.

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