Nice aroma,tasty food?


The aroma that comes out from some cafeterias can send you to heaven,but when you finally taste the food,it sends you to the toilet or hospital.


I was in my hostel the other day when the aroma from the nearby cafeteria threw me out from my room. I just found myself buying their food with different leg of slippers. I ran out from my room    (of course I didn’t actually run,I think I only walked very fast) to get a plate of the heavenly aromatic food.


Lo and behold! after sitting down comfortably in my hostel to taste this food,I almost cried.I have always heard of concoction rice,but I tasted it that day.

Dear friends,abeg a nice aroma doesn’t always assure a tasty food. Dont be deceived!

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Josh Wrenn

So true. Too true.

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