4 things guys say to every girl.


I will marry you–

it’s like there’s a magnetic force whenever a guy mentions this. I really don’t know but it sure magnets most girls and they just fall for this. In fact some naughty boys will start giving you wedding dates…..all na wash!

You’re not like the rest of them
most guys say this…’s one of these things they say. I’m sure they haven’t even recognize anything special about you,they just say it.

I can’t live without you–
If this saying was true,then most guys would have died and the world would have been a better place……

I love you–
The thing is,I’m even tired of hearing this. It’s now a common saying among all…. It makes no sense….. I feel I’ll appreciate it more if you tell me you cherish me rather than saying this I love you something…….

Not all guys are the same though,when they say they love you,they mean it!

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