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Lynxxx writes on the spiritual implications of pre-marital sex


Lynxxx wrote…

Now this topic I’ve spent alot of time studying, especially from a Spiritual angle. Premarital sex to be exact and there are so many layers of blatant truth and implications to this act of satisfying the desires of the flesh we all need to be enlightened by.

This is definitely one topic our generation doesn’t want to hear about and no I’m no saint either so don’t think I’m pointing fingers at anyone or judging. Like always, I’m sharing my truth and thoughts. 

I’ll go straight to the key issues so I don’t end up writing a book.

Please be very careful about who you are intimate with and who yuo share your body with. We tend to see only the physical side of sex and ignore the existence of the Spiritual (which is the MOST important).

In this generation, sex is as common as a handshake, no sentiments to it, no love attached to it, its now a commodity for trade (cash and benefits alike) people sell their dignity for cash, cars, houses, bags, shoes and Luxurious Holidays like its nothing and come on the gram stunting.

Living for today but i promise you it would eventually catch up to you in time because we may not see the act but never forget GOD DOES! 

Sex was invented by God for communion between Husband and Wife, to create a greater bonding experience and he knew the power of it hence the commandments restricting us from Premarital sex. 

Everytime we have sex, there’s an exchange of spiritual energy between both people, be careful what you invite into your temple cos there are consequences that may not manifest in the Physical.

Sex plays a major role in so many Life issues and marriage problems today, from Heartbreaks, cheating, abortions, adultery, pregnancies, STDs, Guilt / betrayals and the list goes on! Most important of all It distances us from God.

Now being distant from God, how do we expect the relationship to be blessed by him? The harsh truth is, a relationship with two sexually active individuals is definitely not one that Glorifies God so whatever fruits that relationships bears is up to them. 

A Relationship that has God as the foundation and center would bear fruits and eventually lead to multiplication.

The choice is Ours and so are the consequences.

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