Top reasons why ladies want to be in a relationship

The purpose of this article is to state clearly wrong reasons why most ladies go into relationships.
Please enjoy!


Top reasons why ladies want to be in a relationship:

-Loneliness: Okay! Your boyfriend just left you lonely and there’s this guy who you told your break up story to,and he encourages you,and then you two got attracted to each other,and you feel because there’s no one else,and he’s the only available person,you believe you should go into a relationship with him OR maybe because you’re not in a relationship,you enter into any available one without considering and thinking about anything. All you did was rush into it,and you may possibly rush out because there was no proper planning and brain work before going into the relationship.

-Everybody has that title: All because your friends have that “LOVERS” title, doesn’t make it clear and safe for you to have the title too. You think being single is too awful and you need to change your status and then you rush into a relationship and then along the way you find yourself rushing out.

-He’s cute: when you think the cute guy next door,is the right person all because of his looks,fame,money,power and all. You actually got attracted to him all because of what he has. Check that closely! It may not be love. You’re just attracted to him,because of some reasons. There’s every possibility that attraction will fade away. Don’t make the wrong choices,take time to think about what you’re really going into, before jumping into conclusion.


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