Getting around in the UK

The UK, being a small country, has many transportation options. Some cheaper than others. I use the bus for short trips but the train for longer trips. It depends on the cost sometimes getting on a bus can be cheaper than buying a train ticket.
So most times I compare both prices before getting a ticket.

As long as you have time, using a mix of train, bus, taxi, walking and occasionally hiring a bike, you can get almost anywhere in England without having to drive. I’ve been to lots of cities in the UK and can’t wait to visit more.

Getting around in the UK can be confusing as well. I remember my first days in the uk, I missed my train and bus sometimes. There was a particular day I travelled first class on the train. I was sitting in first class while having a standard ticket. I didn’t even realise till I got to my destination and told my friend I was offered biscuit and tea. She shouted and said “Precious, you entered first class” I was like “ehn ehn”. I had no idea about the sitting arrangement on the train.

If you’re in London, the London underground rail network, or “the Tube” is a great way to travel to and fro from central London.

Also so much to learn but very easy to get carried away. The best way to get the most of UK is to travel and explore many cities. My experience so far has been enlightening to say the least.

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