Taking a Stand for God

By David J. Stewart
Ephesians 6:13, “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

Hardly anyone takes a stand for God anymore. Even professed Christians are apostate and hardly ever take a stand for God. 2nd Timothy 3:12 says that Christians who take a stand for Christ WILL BE persecuted. Anytime you raise a flag for God, you will be targeted by the wicked. Of all the televangelists, none of them take a genuine stand for God. Of all the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) singers and musicians, none of them take a genuine stand for God. That’s why unsaved Catholics and the sinful world follow after them buying their albums and attending their concerts. It is apostasy!

James 4:4 says that anyone who befriends the world is God’s enemy. You cannot straddle-the-fence. it’s one side or the other. If you are lukewarm, you’re not fooling God. If you take a stand for God, you will be hated by the sinful world and backslidden believers. Sadly, most of your persecution will come from other professed Christians if you stand for God. Standing for God means exposing the hellish cult of Roman Catholicism. Standing for God means strongly opposing the gay rights movement. God deliver us from Hollywood believers who never take a stand for God. I mean truly take a stand for God. There are many one issue people in our churches today, who stand on politically correct issues, but avoid anything controversial, like abortion and feminism, at all cost.

Anytime that money is involved there is apostasy and sinful compromise. The world doesn’t need any more home-friendly ecumenical churchgoers. We need Jesus-friendly homophobic Christians. You ought to be afraid of homosexuality, be very afraid, because it is a vile sin that brings God’s judgment (Romans 1:24-32). All sin brings God’s judgment. We are living in woeful times of sin, rebellion, and hatred against Christianity. There is a false type of religion that is being labeled as Christian today, but it is New Age demonism rooted in experiences and feelings instead of absolute truth and the promises of God’s Word. Few Christians are willing to be despised and rejected of men for the lord’s sake (John 12:43). If you carry a Bible the world will give you up. Take a stand for God my friend.

Those who stand for God now will be exceedingly happy and rejoice in eternity; but those who hide their candle under a bushel, hobnob with the sinful world, and support ecumenical ministers in bed with the Pope will be paupers in eternity. There is no rot with a worse stench than the Catholic Church and all the milquetoast preachers who are eerily silent about such evils. Pat Robertson is a satanic plant, a deceiver who promotes, supports, nurtures, and praise Roman Catholicism. It is evil. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are in the same ecumenical boat to perdition. Birds-of-a-feather flock together.

You show me a preacher who will cry aloud against the evils of Roman Catholicism, and their damnable teaching of sacramental salvation, and I’ll show you a man who is right with God. There are no such men today who are celebrities and part of the ecumenical movement. Max Lucado is another satanic plant, and Rick Warren (member of the Council On Foreign Relations). The purpose of these sinister ministers is to unite evangelicals with Roman Catholicism, and thus corrupt the Gospel completely with the Luciferian ideologies of the New World Order.

Nearly everyone who professes to be a Christian these days is self-conscious and concerned about what others think about them. It would be career suicide for most celebrity Christians if they truly took a stand for God. No one wants to rise above the pack for God, so they all go down with the sinking Titanic in apostasy. In order to take a stand for God these days, you’ll likely have to stand alone, as I do. Who is on the Lord’s side? (Joshua 24:15).


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