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STRIKE = BREAK: And break doesn’t necessarily mean you will break up. Probably you two just need to sit, think and restructure somethings in your relationship angle.

~~ Sometimes the time apart will help you realize how much the other person means to you (or help them realize how much you mean to them).

~~ It can reestablish the appreciation for one another and help you grow closer in the long run.

And then you ask; Should We Get Back Together?

How do you know when rekindling a relationship is the right choice and when it’s better to cut ties for good?

Lundquist often sees people who are unable to move on simply because they’re not willing to deal with the fact that the relationship is over. This can lead to an unhealthy pattern of breaking up and getting back together where nothing ever changes.

To avoid that kind of tumultuous situation, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to decide whether you should get back together. Worthy advises that if you’ve spent honest time apart and you still miss the other person, it may be worth revisiting the relationship.

• Ultimately you have to ask yourself if your life is better with that person in it.

• During your break, ask yourself: Am I sad? Do I miss this person? Do I want to reach out to this person? Or not? Do I actually feel a lot freer?

If you do ultimately decide to test the waters again, then go forth with intention and caution.

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