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The wedding night in Townsville

Walter and Loula lived in the city of Townsville and had always imagined how their wedding night would be.

Walter was a tall handsome young man,who had a humble nature and was loved by all.

Loula a pretty young miss who has always loved Walter and couldn’t wait to bear his name.
Walter and loula got married in a cold night.

The moon gave a very sensitive light signifying “Love” in a north eastern language.
Walter could feel sensitive vibes strolling down his veins.

Loula’s body gave magnetic attractions….Walter and loula had waited for years for this beautiful night.

Walter had determined to wait till this very day, even though it was never easy resisting Loula’s sexy body. Loula had a perfect body shape every guy would want to have and keep. She had perfect curves and a glowing spotless skin which glows in sunlight.That night Walter was glad he waited for this very night to come and Loula was also happy she kept her virginity till the very night and glad she’s giving it to her Mr right.

Loula had this peace in her. The joy of having her husband inside her,she relaxed and had Walter take the whole of her. She enjoyed every bit of every hit. Walter made her feel comfortable as he handled her gently.They had a perfect sex night.

And it was morning, the day was bright and cold.
“I’m the luckiest person on earth bae,Thanks for making me your first and only,thanks for keeping yourself for me” Walter said.
“You welcome honey,you deserve it and thanks for appreciating it, I love you” Loula said smiling.

Walter and Loula lived happily ever after in the city of Townsville, Walter gave Loula all the respect she needed as a wife. Loula never had a reason to regret Walter disvirgined her. They lived a fulfilling life with their 3 children,they were greatly blessed and famous and had a perfect kind of life anyone would wish for.

….THE END!!!
You know, God created women so perfectly well, he placed the hymen there for a special purpose, the hymen signifies the crown gate. This crown gate ain’t meant for everyone, it’s meant for just one special person to pass through and have the crown as the head of that particular body.

God created this hymen for a special purpose, it’s fixed there for one person and not variety of persons. It stands for just one man. One lucky special man to open the crown gate and stand as the head of that home.
This very purpose should not be over looked. Keep this gate closed for who is worth wearing the crown. Don’t be decieved!

God bless…

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    16th July 2018 at 7:24 pm

    Inspired… Wonderful piece right there.. ???

    • Reply
      16th July 2018 at 10:45 pm

      Thank you very much and thanks for visiting my blog.

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