I always pay for everything.


I had the exact opposite problem with my ex, we would go out for dinner or breakfast or movies, and I would ALWAYS pay the bill. We were both students at the time, but I was at least working part time as well (he was too busy sleeping in on weekends to work part time). He was a complete sponge, and when I dared to bring up that I paid for everything (and he didn’t have cheap taste either) he’d sulk.

Needless to say it didn’t work out.

Now I am engaged, and my fiance  and I have paid our own way since our first date. The exception to the rule are birthdays and treats. I think this has laid a good foundation for our married life as many couples we know the man is still expected to pay for dinners and dates even though both of them are working!

I guess it just depends how you handle it from the beginning. Bad habits are hard to break, and being a sponge is a really bad habit. WHAT DO I DO?


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