Well,the story below is about the world itself,you and your maker.
It’s sad that some people have chosen to leave God behind to please themselves…… sad!

I was once told a story about the rich man and the poor man. The rich man lived a life full of pride and arrogance. while the poor man lived a life filled with anger and hatred. He felt hatred for the rich man because of the way he did maltreated him.

They both died on the same day,and the stood to face their judgement. The rich man was thrown into the lake of fire for his bad attitude during his life time,for he never repented. The poor man was also thrown into the lake of fire. Regardless, if he wasn’t the cause of the anger and hatred.

This story made me realise that,whatever your status, whatever you may have achieved in life, everything remains vanity. And the way we live our lives matters the most! God is interested in your heart + your heart reflects outside. He loves a holy life,for he is holy. The poor and the rich will be judged same way. The world should not come between you and your God. Leave the world behind and run your race well!

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