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Self love

I’ve always told my friends about self love and I felt I should also share it here. Honestly if you don’t love yourself first, no one else would. The way you see yourself is how others would see you too. Every morning I wake up, I remind myself how beautiful and awesome I am.

It is very difficult to also find a loving partner if you don’t love yourself. Yes, love. Love means acceptance, compassion and a general positive feeling about who you are. Finding unconditional love from someone else is almost impossible if you don’t love yourself. Why? Because you can’t expect others to love you if you don’t.

Self-love isn’t selfish or self-centered. It is simply acknowledging your basic worth.
Self-love is the foundation for being loving and attracting love.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I look into the mirror and I say nice things to myself. If you don’t appreciate yourself first, no one else will.

Learn to love you first.

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My Visit To Manchester

I love Manchester! The city is beautiful. Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK where everybody and anybody is very warmly welcomed.

Manchester is Known throughout the world as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the city also has a proud history in science, politics, music, arts and sport.

Although I spent just a day in the beautiful city and I hope to visit again. First, I took a walk around the city centre. Manchester city centre is jam-packed with unique restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries and hotels. So much to see and do. It was enough just looking at the city’s beautiful structure.

From the city centre I got a bus that took me directly to the university of Manchester. Although I didn’t go into the university but the view from the outside was amazing. It was a castle like structure. Beautiful…extremely beautiful!!! I was amazed!

The university of Manchester

But my visit would have been meaningless if I didn’t see the beautiful Machester city staduim at old Trafford.
I took the metrolink tram from the city center to old Trafford. Old Trafford Stadium is the world-famous home of Manchester United, and there’s plenty to do there.

I also went into the Megastore, the world-renowned Megastore. From shirts to scarves, mugs to mousemats, everything you could possibly want from United is there. In fact, there are more than 800 product lines available on the shelves.

Well, I’m an Arsenal fan but it’s okay to appreciate another club?.
To an avid Manchester United fan, shopping in the megastore is like shopping in heaven. They’ve got everything there, from the widest possible selection of gifts and training gear to the latest replica kits. Anything, you name it, United Stock it! There is something for everyone. Young and old! You can even get your favourite player’s name and number on the back of the latest Manchester United Shirt.

I had a beautiful experience and a fun-filled trip and would really love to visit Manchester again!


These Tall Guys

Here they come again
Walking up and down the street
The guy in the middle
Here he comes
Showing off the six pack

The one in the middle
He’s the tallest of them all
Ummm, I like him
He’s got Gorgeous eyes
And a stunning smile
And he walks like a boss
I really do like him
Well, I’m just a pretty girl
who lives next door
But I’m single
Not sure I’m ready to mingle

These tall guys have got
Longer legs than mine
But I’m pretty tall though
I’m 6’1
But every tall girl needs a tall guy
Oh! Here they come again
Look, it’s the guy that walks
In the middle

Here he comes
Towards my direction
I think he likes me
I’m such lucky girl
Can’t believe he’s here

But wait, he’s moving on
He isn’t stopping at my door
My chest!
Hold me neighbours
I’m catching cold
Oh! He’s going to see Amaka
The new girl who just moved in

Ha Ha Ha
I laugh in a British accent
Amaka will disappoint him


Why I Lost Interest In My Girlfriend

Guys fall in love based on how they feel around a woman. When you start forcing things and probably don’t go with the flow, they start withdrawing. The best way to go around things is to be the best version of yourself.

16 guys revealed the reasons why they lost interest in their girlfriends. So I’ve compiled these responses and they revealed one thing that made them lose interest.

I felt this could maybe help ladies to understand some reasons why men lose Interest. Well, the names have been changed to hide their identity.

(1) “She was every guy’s friend, she chats with guys alone on her chat lists. All incoming calls are from her male friends. That was crazy and I couldn’t cope with it”.– David, 26

(2) “She never talked good about herself, would put herself and other women down constantly. It was like she was the most insecure person and wanted everyone else to be insecure. She was really not worth my time.” – Biggie, 28

(3) “She always nags. She complains about everything, the last time we went out she kept complaining about how she hates the sunny day and that we should have gone out at night” – Fisayo, 31

(4) “She’s so pretty,but always full of herself. She feels she’s miss world or something and she never takes corrections.” – Stephen, 25

(5) “She always talks about us getting married and I wasn’t just prepared for that.” — Michael, 27

(6) “Anytime we’re together, she was always on Instagram. It was really off putting.” — Kunle, 23

(7) “She cried at any little thing I did and she says I hurt her. That was just crazy, I had to go” — Timothy, 24

(8) “She can’t cook and she doesn’t see it as a bad thing.” — Chidozie, 28

(9) “She needed to be right. Her answer was always correct. There was no other answer.” – Josh, 25

(10) “She would’ve been a 10 if she ever bothered to work out, and that bothered me.” — Dave, 25

(11) “She kept saying how smart she was. Kind of in a braggart way, which, in a sense, was attractive, because it’s hard to find women who put an emphasis on being intelligent. However, the part that really got me was that she was not smart. At all, It was super depressing, to be honest. On our first date, she said without hesitation that Africa is a country. No, it’s really not. It’s an entire continent made up of many countries…” – Trey, 26

(12) “She actually said to me, ‘I hate reading! It’s so boring!’ God. Don’t be proud of that.” – Tom, 29

(13) “I’m 99% certain this girl I went on a date with was Tweeting about our date. I don’t talk to her anymore.” – Victor, 25

(14) “She was taller than me. Sad! ” — Tade, 29

(15) “I went over to her apartment and it was a mess. She is so dirty and doesn’t know it.” – Richard 28

(16) “I found out the number of people she had slept with,and she was just 22.” — Jerry, 27


My First Days In England

After my arrival in London, I travelled in a taxi to “Luton” where my school is located. Initially, I was with a friend for few days before I rented a place to live in. After arriving in Luton, I was super excited to the extent that my friend even called me a “bush girl”. ?

The very first night, I was excited about the free WiFi and the beautiful environment but the weather was freezing!!
Before I arrived in the UK, I didn’t use to wear trousers and I didn’t have any. I wasn’t used to wearing them. The weather was freezing, the next day I ran to the mall to buy trousers.? Thank God my friend was living close to the mall.

The 3rd day I went to school “University of Bedfordshire” for registration. The registration process was so fast, no filling of forms, all registration process done online. Took me few minutes, no standing or lining up. After that, my friend took me round the school for a while also, I was just amazed by the perfect structure. I kept taking lots of pictures.

University of Bedfordshire

My first lecture…

During my first lecture, I didn’t understand what the lecturer was saying. The accent, he’s British! But before the lecture ended I was understanding the accent better. The lecture room was comfortable. Beautiful environment, I just sat there wondering. Another thing amazed me, no one was writing in their notes, just me! I was taking notes. All the students were typing on their laptops. I wasn’t the only black girl in class but I guess I was the new one in town.

A lecture room at the University of Bedfordshire

And yea, the food in the UK

A plate of rice in any African restaurant is about £8 or more that’s like N4,000 naira. It was cheaper for me to go to the African market to buy food stuffs and cook rather than eating out. But some foods are cheap, chicken is a popular british food. It’s one of the cheapest things you will get in the UK. You can get chicken and chips for about £2. Chicken wings and small chips. Quite affordable.

I’m a lady who loves photography, I love to explore, I enjoy taking pictures on the beautiful streets of London.
After about few weeks, I settled down well. Made more friends, got used to the British system faster than I thought and even gained weight. Lol!

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