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Middle East Travel: My flight to Cairo,Egypt

Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs.
I flew Egyptair, though my flight was 2 hours delayed, I sat at Heathrow airport terminal 2 just scrolling through my phone patiently waiting before we finally boarded the plane.

The service offered to us on the plane was alright, the food was also okay.

Well, we finally arrived in Egypt. Before we landed, from my window, looking down, everything was totally different. Out the plane window the structure of houses were different and I saw desert. The view of sand sea was also exciting to see. Egypt’s deserts have little or no vegetation.

The plane was stopping over in Egypt so we couldn’t go outside the airport but the weather in Cairo was cool and not too hot. I had a safe flight, it was nice flying Egyptair.


The Nigerian Girl Living In the UK

The United Kingdom which has an incredible mix of international cultures and contemporary thinking. As a Nigerian, I found an array of exciting experiences ahead of me and I had the opportunity to discover exotic places and meet new people. As the UK is a cosmopolitan city, I found out that some things were quite similar to the things I was used to doing in Nigeria but it took some time to adjust.

Living and studying in the UK is indeed expensive, I’m not even going to lie about that and you might face challenges. Getting to settle down and fit into a new society is not quite easy.

Before some Nigerians come into the UK, they worry most about the food and the weather, well the cold weather isn’t a big deal to be honest. As a Nigerian, I made sure I bought nice winter jackets and boots, to make sure I effectively layer up during winter.
Food Wasn’t also a problem for me because most supermarkets sell ingredients from Africa as well as food from many other parts of the world. The British are increasingly healthy eaters and there is a very wide range of organic produce available in shops and supermarkets. You can get almost anything in these shops. Garri,semovita…etc.

Money matters

Though, It comes at a high cost financially but living in the UK is rewarding in every other possible way. Renting a house is also very expensive. You get to pay £300 or more monthly for your rent in smaller towns. It depends on the type of apartment and where you live in, some cost up to £700 – £ 2,000.

Food also can be expensive, food prices are high in the UK. Everything is x2. I was shocked a first! But I got used to seeing high prices.

Also the jackets, boots and other winter clothings aren’t cheap. You need to keep warm so you need money for that as well.

Well, UK is enriched with knowledge in its academics, environment, cities and people.
It is for sure you come into the uk and become transformed in a positive way. You improve socially and mentally. UK is expensive but worth it.

Life outside the campus wall

Whether you just listen or take part, you’ll find pop, rock, electro, hip-hop, classical, folk, jazz, opera and all sorts of world music in the UK. From independent cafes, bars to international scale concert halls or rock festivals you can listen and dance to live music all over the UK. There are so many fun places to hang out and if you’re an indoor person, well, you can also chill out on your bed at home.

What I found difficult.

Initially, I tried to balance up, it wasn’t easy to understand a lot of things because I wasn’t used to doing them in Nigeria. I had to adapt, learn and tried to understand their way of life in the UK to some extent in order to balance up. I could remember after my first lecture I met a British-Nigerian lady who helped me settle down. We became friends afterwards. After my first lecture, she took me to the mall and she showed me a lot of shops and supermarkets like Tesco, H&M, Bodycare, Boots etc. She also told me how I could get things at cheaper prices during sales. I met a lot of nice people afterwards, they all helped me settle down well.

And my accent?

Well, UK is a diversified nation. You get to meet people from different countries and you need to talk slowly or twist your tongue a little for some to understand you. You can’t really speak like you’re talking to a Nigerian, I had to improve my accent to sound clearer to people not from my society. And the British accent? However, with time you get used to it and for all I know I might be speaking like them too! Lol!!

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I Visited Scotland

My visit to Scotland this year was amazing. Just so you know- Doune Castle, Scotland: The Game of Thrones Pilot was Filmed Here. One of the most important locations to see may be Doune Castle. Located in Doune, Scotland, this was the location that served as Winterfell during the unforgettable pilot episode of the first season of Game of Thrones.

Doune Castle

One thing I also noticed was that People are really friendly in Scotland, people were willing to take my pictures with a smile on their faces. People are also happy to help direct you when you’re lost, unlike London were no one cares! Passionate and innovative country and you’ll see that clearly everywhere you go.

I took an airplane from London Luton airport to Edinburgh airport, the flight was about an hour. I also visited Glasgow. The trip took approximately 1 hour. Train journeys between Glasgow and Edinburgh typically last 50 minutes during the day.


Also, the houses looked quite different from the houses in England. The buildings in Scotland have different colours, the colour of the bricks used in making their houses is different. It was really fun walking around the beautiful city.

Scotland, most northerly of the four parts of the United kingdom, occupying about one-third of the island of Great Britain. The name Scotland derives from the Latin Scotia, land of the Scots, a Celtic people from Ireland who settled on the west coast of Great Britain about the 5th century AD.


Self love

I’ve always told my friends about self love and I felt I should also share it here. Honestly if you don’t love yourself first, no one else would. The way you see yourself is how others would see you too. Every morning I wake up, I remind myself how beautiful and awesome I am.

It is very difficult to also find a loving partner if you don’t love yourself. Yes, love. Love means acceptance, compassion and a general positive feeling about who you are. Finding unconditional love from someone else is almost impossible if you don’t love yourself. Why? Because you can’t expect others to love you if you don’t.

Self-love isn’t selfish or self-centered. It is simply acknowledging your basic worth.
Self-love is the foundation for being loving and attracting love.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I look into the mirror and I say nice things to myself. If you don’t appreciate yourself first, no one else will.

Learn to love you first.

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My Visit To Manchester

I love Manchester! The city is beautiful. Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK where everybody and anybody is very warmly welcomed.

Manchester is Known throughout the world as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the city also has a proud history in science, politics, music, arts and sport.

Although I spent just a day in the beautiful city and I hope to visit again. First, I took a walk around the city centre. Manchester city centre is jam-packed with unique restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries and hotels. So much to see and do. It was enough just looking at the city’s beautiful structure.

From the city centre I got a bus that took me directly to the university of Manchester. Although I didn’t go into the university but the view from the outside was amazing. It was a castle like structure. Beautiful…extremely beautiful!!! I was amazed!

The university of Manchester

But my visit would have been meaningless if I didn’t see the beautiful Machester city staduim at old Trafford.
I took the metrolink tram from the city center to old Trafford. Old Trafford Stadium is the world-famous home of Manchester United, and there’s plenty to do there.

I also went into the Megastore, the world-renowned Megastore. From shirts to scarves, mugs to mousemats, everything you could possibly want from United is there. In fact, there are more than 800 product lines available on the shelves.

Well, I’m an Arsenal fan but it’s okay to appreciate another club?.
To an avid Manchester United fan, shopping in the megastore is like shopping in heaven. They’ve got everything there, from the widest possible selection of gifts and training gear to the latest replica kits. Anything, you name it, United Stock it! There is something for everyone. Young and old! You can even get your favourite player’s name and number on the back of the latest Manchester United Shirt.

I had a beautiful experience and a fun-filled trip and would really love to visit Manchester again!