1) People born in October are always very ambitious,very competitive and also love to challenge others. They love to be ahead of their game always.
2) People born in october are strongly motivated by a desire to creative harmony in every area of their lives. Emotional, financial and spiritual stability tends to be very important.
3) October babies get angry often, they get hurt very easily but recover very quick. 
4) They also happen to be one of the biggest day dreamers you’ll ever meet!People born in October have strong inner stamina, and very intuitive minds.

5) October babies tend to travel far in search of deep truth.They search to the root of the matter. They also tend to be more rational about issues.
6) They are usually super stubborn and love things done their way. They don’t like to be controlled, they love to be in charge.
7) They are with high intellect and good with dialect,having flawlessness in different languages,therefore good communicators and engaging talkers.
8) They love a good home and they enjoy the company of business-oriented partners. 
9) They are usually very romantic and and sweet. Great lover and always has a great way of satisfying their partner.
10) Altogether, people born in October have awesome traits, but most times they find it hard to make a decision when confronted. They find it difficult to choose what is best for them.

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