Weekend crush-  Meet the little Mr handsome; Adegbolabo  Ibuoye

​Meet the Little Mr handsome; Adegbolabo Olubowale Joseph Ibuoye, Son of Mr and Mrs Ibuoye.

Mr Ibuoye popularly known as Gaise,the Afro fusion gospel rapper and his sweetheart Funto, a writer, motivational speaker, author and beauty expert. A lot of young women have been blessed through her Conferences and things she does. She’s indeed a blessing to this generation

 I love Gbolabo so much, must times i check on Funto’s Instagram page daily to see if she has a new picture of him posted. His cute and innocent smiles are everything!

Well, he obviously took his beautiful face from his lovely parents Gaise and Funto.

Such an adorable couple Gaise and Funto make! 

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