I wasn’t born in the 70’s but I’m sure things then weren’t this bad. Everything has suddenly gone wrong. Due to the situation of things,I have grown up to realise that it is normal for political parties to fight and kill each other in Nigeria,because it happens everyday,and it seems like no one cares.

Asa,one of my favorite Nigerian artist, the song she titled “fire on the mountain” describes the problems in this country.Part of the lyrics are; One day the river will over flow and there will be no where for us to go and we will run,run wishing we had put out the fire.
These words,make more sense to me now. This country needs help,we have resources,yet we can’t utilize them effectively,the government themselves ain’t helping matters(they know themselves).
Why should the national cake be shared by the people in power only? Nigerians are suffering,and yet our leaders don’t care,and when Nigerians,face them with the truth,they waste their lives with out thinking.

Now! It’s just another war,as  presidential election in Nigeria draws near,it’s a big fight between these two political parties; PDP AND APC.
These two parties remind me of my little cousins. My little cousins love fighting,insulting,and hurting each other.
PDP waste millions of naira,that can be use to maintain constant electricity,to print on newspapers,terrible things about the other party,and most of these things PDP says ain’t even correct,all they do is match words together to make up lies.
APC could not take this anymore,in return,they decided to act back,and so they took the step the other party took and now it’s funny statements,all over the newspapers and a PDP vs APC display on the screen.

Our leaders,are showing childish behaviours,and they expect the youths of the land to show them respect,all they do is look out for faults against one another.
All we need right now is a solution.We need someone that can take this country to the top,improve on things for the betterment of the people. We need someone,who will put his people first. The politicians,come around and promise us everything,yet there’s nothing on ground.
Enough of this nonsense! Nigerians are sick and tired,we can barely sleep well because we’re insecured. A lot needs to be done. Things can’t continue this way.
It’s time to sit ourselves round the table and find a solution.

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